Tania McConaghy

Medical and pharmaceutical translator

Welcome to my website! I am a native English speaker from Australia and have been living in Sweden since 2001. I have over 25 years' experience working in pharmacy of which over 10 years as a pharmacist. Since 2007 I have provided language services such as translation, proofreading and localisation.

Services offered:

  • translation, back translation & proofreading: Swedish to English

  • proofreading, text localisation/dialect adaptation: from US English to Australian English

  • proofreading/editing: English monolingual

Working areas:

I have extensive experience of documents related to:

  • clinical trials such as ICFs, IBs, patient information, correspondence, ethical review applications, protocols, patient QOL surveys, investigational drug labelling etc

  • pharmaceutical regulatory affairs including EMA templates such as PILs and SPCs

  • medical records and patient notes

  • medical research (PhD thesis, journal articles)

  • medical devices and equipment IFUs and user interfaces

  • clinical guidelines and health economics

  • market research and marketing

  • legislation within the pharmaceutical and health care area

  • psychology

I also have experience of documents in the areas of veterinary medicine and dentistry.






+46 79 340 1668

Time zone: CET (GMT+1)


Gnesta, Sweden