My education

Tania McConaghy

Medical and pharmaceutical translator

University education:

  • Bachelor of Arts, University Sydney, Australia (languages, linguistics, translation, literature): completed 1994

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy, University of Sydney, Australia: completed 1998

  • Master of Arts, Macquarie University, Australia: completed 1997

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, University of Sydney, Australia: 1991 and 1992 (2 of 6 years completed)

  • Registered as a pharmacist in Australia (NSW) in 2000; registered pharmacist in Sweden since 2002

  • Continuing part-time studies: freestanding university courses in English grammar, literature and translation at various Swedish universities: 2011-present



+46 79 340 1668


Time zone: CEST (GMT+2)



Gnesta, Sweden